Readyspex Wholesale Questions

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How quickly will I get my order?

Orders are generally sent by overnight courier for your signature. We do use Royal Mail for smaller orders.

Can I return breakages?

Please use our new freepost address FREEPOST PEER LTD. There is no need for any post code. It is a good idea to wait until you have a small box full to send back to minimise unnecessary paperwork for credits of less than five pounds. There is no charge for this service.

How do I order?

Please use the online ordering facility, fax 01963 440 700, email or call 01963 440 800. We will ring you regularly to ensure your stand and stock are in good shape. You can download an order form from the web site.

Where do I find the style codes?

The style codes are made up of a single letter and 2 numbers. U43 or L41 are examples. They can be found on the right hand arm of all ReadySpex glasses.

I want free delivery on my orders.

As long as you order more than 20 pairs of glasses we will send them carriage paid. Smaller orders will be charged for P&P at a rate of £3.00.

I want to order Sunglasses or Vapourlites.

Please call or email us so we can add these items to your ReadySpex order

My stand needs to be replaced.

We will replace or upgrade your stand free of charge.

What Point of Sale material is available?

ReadySpex provide Leaflets, Eye Test Charts, Posters, Window Stickers and flyers. Please ring for your requirement.

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