Readymade Reading Glasses

Precision made to high optical standards in sizes to the nearest 0.25 dioptres
Readyspex have an eye for quality

Readyspex reading glasses are made to a high optical quality, conform to all current UK and European standards including BS EN 14139:2010 and carry the CE mark. Readyspex reading glasses are available online in nine optical strengths ranging from +1.25 to +3.50 and come with a full twelve month no quibble guarantee. Free carriage to all UK addresses on orders over £20.00. Orders sent within 24 hours for delivery by Royal Mail (otherwise P&P is £3.00).

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Choose from between 1.25 to 3.50 dioptres

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Who needs reading glasses?

As we reach our forties the lens of our eye becomes less flexible and makes focusing on small print or close work difficult
The answer is simple — ReadySpex reading glasses, with a choice of 9 strengths to choose from

Do I need to see an optician before buying?
ReadySpex reading glasses are not intended to replace an eye examination - we strongly recommend that you have your eyes examined regularly.

Can I use ReadySpex for driving?
ReadySpex reading glasses are designed for reading and close work only - they are not suitable for driving.

Is there a choice of styles?
Yes, ReadySpex offer a complete range of ladies, mens and unisex frames in a choice of either metal or plastic.

Are ReadySpex guaranteed?
All ReadySpex reading glasses carry a full twelve month, no quibble guarantee.

How do I look after my ReadySpex?
Simply wash your ReadySpex in warm, soapy water whenever necessary, rinse thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth. Always keep your ReadySpex in their case when not in use.

Strength Guide

  • ReadySpex are for near vision and reading use only.
  • Only regular eyecare professional examinations can determine your visual needs and eye health.
  • Not for distance vision or driving
  • Not for use as eye protection
  • Not for use by anyone under the age of 16 years
  • The guide below should not be used on screen as resolution may vary.

Reading Glasses Test Strength Guide